In a groundbreaking event the British Columbia Alliance Of Aromatherapy (BCAOA) was granted occupational title protection and designation under the Society Act of British Columbia in March of 2003. This is the first time that any organization has received a government issued designation for Aromatherapy anywhere in North America.

This occupational title designation grants the BCAOA the exclusive right to the title Registered Aromatherapist and the initials RA.

Additionally, only those aromatherapists who meet the BCAOA's high standards for membership will be eligible to use any and all of the four Canadian Trade Marked titles and initials
Essential Oil Therapist — EOT®
Registered Aromatherapist - RA®

The new titles will provide the public with a method of locating and identifying qualified and well-trained aromatherapists/Essential Oil Therapists — EOT®. Municipalities will be able to confirm the member's status for licensing.